G-RAFFE Smart G-protection Plus optional integrated AHAP

High-Altitude Protection

The new 60’000 + feet Autarch High-Altitude Protection (AHAP) is integrated in the “G-RAFFE Smart G-protection” Full Body Suit as an option. It protects nearly 100% of the body surface, is auto-regulating  /  self-compensating for cabin pressure loss. In slow, rapid or explosive decompression, its instantaneous, autonomous inflation is regulated by atmospheric pressure, thus allowing the safest recovery possible.


 same safety / efficiency benefits as standard “G-RAFFE Smart G-protection” Suit
integrating the Full Body AHAP Protection System.
 proposing PKK and VKK type in ONE only G-protection PLUS High-Altitude protection System.
 allowing aircraft usage on its full envelop.


 adds minimal weight / bulk to the G-protection suit.
 simple AHAP maintenance / laundry / check schedule.
 available for Mig-29, Su-27-30, any others on demand.
 18 standard sizes, plus custom fit.
 many options available.


Swiss Made

G-RAFFE Smart G-protection Full Body Suit  with integrated High-Altitude Protection (AHAP)

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